Moose moulds are tested and designed to cast bullets using pure, soft lead melted at between 820-850 degrees to obtain proper bullet dimensions. Difference in lead temperature and type may affect bullet diameter.

*Warning: Use extreme caution when using this product. May cause serious burns or injuries.

Our moulds are made from high-strength

aluminum, come complete with handles and

are offered either single or double cavity.


They are manufactured right handed, however,

if you prefer a left handed mould, please specify

when ordering.


How to decipher our product numbers:

The first 3-digits represent the diameter, the

second 3-digits represent the weight in grains.

*All measurements are based on pure, soft lead and may

vary depending upon alloy used.


Prices are the same for all moulds unless indicated otherwise.

Single Cavity Moulds:    $100.00

Double Cavity Moulds:   $125.00

Hollow Base Moulds:      $150.00 (single cavity only)


Applicable sales tax will be added to each order Shipping & Handling costs are based on location.  Please contact us for rates in your area.